Friendship Musical Duets

There are two main types of duets found in musical theatre- romance and friendship. When we hear duet, we think ROMANCE. However, there is a number of duets connected to friendship- those can be bittersweet and have a wide range of emotions. That is because some friendship songs are “goodbye” type of songs.

Friendship Duets

  1. For Good (the ultimate friendship duet)- Wicked
  2. What You Own- Rent
  3. Angel of Music- Phantom of the Opera
  4. A Little Fall of Rain- Les Mis
  5. Santa Fe (Prologue)- Newsies


Hmmm, I wish I could think of more friendship duets. For sure, I know of more friendship musical theatre songs—–just most of the ones I can think of happen to be ensemble songs.

3 thoughts on “Friendship Musical Duets

  1. It’s only been in the last thirty years or so that society has remembered the value of friendship. Nothing wrong with romance, but let’s face it, what would you do if you were in love with everyone……


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