Power of a Coffee Shop

True, there are many coffee shops. However, only some truly stand out. Bitty & Beau’s Charlotte is one such place- well actually, all Bitty & Beau’s are like that. The Bitty & Beau’s location in Charlotte recently won Best Coffee Shop in Charlotte and wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for family, friends, and corporate- the employees couldn’t do it alone (I do work there).

But, what is so special about Bitty & Beau’s? The place is “more than a cup of coffee”, and is “radically inclusive”. The place hires people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and shows that we are “not broken”. The coffee is amazing, and the place is welcoming. The one in Charlotte has only been open since October- just about 3 months. Love grows there in many ways.

Well if you live in a city that has a “Bitty & Beau’s”, please stop by.

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