Escapes in my Life

Well, everyone has escapes in their life. For different people, they need an escape from “something”. In my case, it usually is from epilepsy—not the other disabilities I have. Yes, I have various escapes, but some feel BIGGER than others.

Musical Theatre

The power of live theater—-there are no words to describe it. There is a difference between looking at a screen versus being in an actual theater with the actors right in front of you. After all, no performance is exactly the same (even if you get the exact same cast). Only know that from experience- November 15th, November 17th, and November 24th of 2013 taught me that————-that was because it was CPCC’s production of Les Mis, but why did I see it 3x (well, once with my family and twice as an usher).

The two-way-conversation isn’t possible on screen. The actors feed off the audience and the audience feeds after the actors. So, your emotions, in some ways, are STRONGER and HEIGHTENED. But what about the live-streams in cinemas—-that really isn’t exactly in person—you are not physically there (so part of that two-way-conversation is missing).

There really is no way to describe the power of live theater


Yes, it is another escape—but not as strong as musical theatre. At least, it still is an escape. Just like the theater, you escape into the world of the characters and get lost (as in ignoring everything around you).

Bitty and Beau’s

Wait, why am I calling my job an escape? Well, it is a job I really really really love. A job that understands. The bond the employees have is incredible. I went from mainly being cashier to mainly being drink maker, two positions I really enjoy for different reasons.


To make it through life, you have to find some kind of escape. Something that makes you forget about the struggles you are going through. Or somewhere that truly understands (as in to make you feel like you are not alone). When it comes to books and musicals, you can find characters to look up to and ones you can relate to.

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