Male Musical Solos

One of the best parts about musical theatre are the solos- they are the type of songs where we really get to understand the characters the best. That is because we are just hearing one character. Usually, these songs tend to happen to major characters. Today, I will only be mentioning those that male characters sing. Even songs from non-stage musicals can count.

The Songs

  1. Bring Him Home
  2. What Have I Done
  3. Who Am I
  4. Stars
  5. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  6. Music of the Night
  7. All I Ask of You (Reprise)
  8. Corner of the Sky
  9. Endless Night
  10. If I Can’t Love Her
  11. Evermore
  12. Santa Fe
  13. Letter From the Refuge
  14. Proud of Your Boy
  15. One Song Glory
  16. Your Eyes
  17. My Petersburg
  18. Close Every Door
  19. Any Dream Will Do
  20. Where I Belong
  21. The Impossible Dream
  22. This Nearly Was Mine
  23. Some Enchanted Evening
  24. Something’s Coming


That is what I can think of for now. Next list will be for the female solo songs.

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