Literature Love that Exists

Well, it isn’t just musicals where love exists. You also can find them in the book world—-well, even some musicals are based off of books. Don’t assume love is only romance. This time, I will only mention love from literature- but not just using romance.

Examples of Love in Books (will be using some of mine)

  1. The March Sisters
  2. Friends of the ABC
  3. Nicholas and Smike
  4. Nicholas and Kate
  5. Esther and Ada
  6. Esther and Caddy
  7. Esther and Charley
  8. Alex and Conner Bailey
  9. Buttercup and Westley
  10. Percy and Annabeth
  11. Percy and Tyson
  12. Cosette and Marius
  13. Merry and Pippin
  14. Sam and Frodo
  15. The Pevensie Siblings
  16. The Golden Trio
  17. The Weasley Family
  18. Morrigan Crow and the Hotel Deucalion
  19. Achilles and Patroclus
  20. Sparkle and Misty
  21. Darcy and Felipe
  22. Darcy and Aries
  23. Effa and Rudy
  24. Aurora and Jasmine


Obviously, there are more examples in literature of love than this, but just what I can think of. It just gives you a general idea.

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