What is in An Incredible Couple in Musical Theatre?

As I say a lot, ROMANCE is a common theme in musical theatre. A huge reason behind that is that it is an universal emotion. Most of the romance tends to happen to young characters- as in teenagers to young adult. But, what is found in an incredible couple?

The Main Song

Well, all couples in musicals have a main song. It can be hard to figure out if two characters have fallen in love or not. It is usually their main song that tells us- that song is obviously a love song- as in beautiful. Well, usually if I fall in love with that song, I tend to love that couple. Examples:

  1. All I Ask of You
  2. As Long as Your’e Mine
  3. A Whole New World
  4. Something to Believe In
  5. Rewrite the Stars

What they Add

This sounds odd, but it also depends on what they add to the story. For the most part, couples add an incredible emotion or texture to the musical. Look at simple musicals- sometimes you need romance to have a kind of emotion. Some couples add hope and light to a tragedy. Some couples add a new level of complexity—-usually during strong and complex love triangles.

The Characters in Them

Sounds interesting. But do you love both characters that are in the couple? How can you like a couple if you dislike one of them? In all of the couples I love, I do find myself loving both characters, but in different ways. A lot of couples have the protagonist, except a few exceptions. Examples of couples with characters I love:

  1. Nala and Simba
  2. Cosette and Marius
  3. Belle and Beast
  4. Roger and Mimi

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