Expansive World Update- Progress

Of ALL my WIPS, my expansive world idea is the hardest to develop. True, I know a few facts but it is the hardest to think of a plot. But, at least I know some things instead of nothing. So, what do I currently know about that WIP. While it isn’t another Fairy Frogs story, I think there could be Fairy Frogs in the story.

The Characters (as in the ones I am aware of)


She is the protagonist of the story. She is warrior-type and lives in a cottage at the edge of The Enchanted Forest, a place where magical beings live including a Fairy named Willow, who Ayra is close friends with. She may not have fought any battles, but is still fierce and strong. I have this idea that she knows a dragon named Tenisha, and that she probably helped raise it. She even can see Fairy Frogs—-there is a good chance she knows the legend of “Tale of the Cattail Forest”—-yes, as in my 1st WIP.

Ayra is a bit different from others. At the moment, all I know is that she will be facing a villain.


Well, I know she is some type of Fairy——-yes, I know this is not a Fairy Frog story, but I think Willow might be a healer Fairy Frog (those have wings with a silver trim).


I know for a fact that she is a good dragon and that Ayra helped raise her. That is why Tenisha trusts Ayra. That explains Ayra’s warrior-type nature—-the fact that she rides that dragon from time to time.

The World

I know it is some mountainous island, with at least three mountain ranges. One one side of the island, there are parallel mountains- one being snowy and the one right next door being rocky. But in the middle of the world, there are the biggest mountains, with The Enchanted Forest being to the right of those——so Ayra lives close to there. Meaning she has been around magical beings her entire life. I know another fact about the world- it is where the original Fairy Frogs are.

The Cattail Forest and this Expansive World are two different worlds despite both having Fairy Frogs.

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