Book couples Versus Musical couples

True, Romance is a theme found in the world of literature and musical theatre and opera. There is a MAJOR difference between the two——I think it depends on how easy it is to find or what kind of couple you prefer; plus a number of other things.


Here is the problem with books- the struggle with finding a couple. It is very difficult for me to pick up on couples in a book. Unless of course, I saw their movie or musical ahead of time; or read the book at an older age. However, there are some book couples I love, which actually overlap into musicals.

  1. Westley and Buttercup- Princess Bride (true love, for sure)
  2. Marius and Cosette- hope and light (an overlap I love- only could detect it thanks to its musical)
  3. Annabeth and Percy- one of the best


Where is their advantage compared to books? Well, it is easier to detect romance in musicals and operas thanks to songs. After all, you can easily detect when two characters fall in love thanks to a love song——-or prior (either because the entire show is a love story or background music to set up). MOST of the time, ROMANCE happens to the protagonist, but not all the time. Plus, it has to do with how the love song is set up.

Examples of Songs:

  1. “A Whole New World”
  2. “All I Ask of You”
  3. “Rewrite the Stars”
  4. “A Heart Full of Love”
  5. “Something Good”

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