Is Romance the Strongest love in Musicals?

There are several types of love found in the world of storytelling- from books, plays, operas, ballet, and musicals. Due to ROMANCE being so common, it seems as if that is the strongest kind, but is it? Is another kind of love stronger?

Your Love

This is a type of love people don’t think about much. Isn’t your love for a musical one of the forms of love found. I mean, how can you explain wanting to go on the characters’ journeys or wanting to feel their emotions. Your love for a musical is why the characters continue to live long after you close that door and long after the film or show ends. I can easily say why I love feeling the positive emotions- I mean they naturally feel good.

But not the negative emotions. To have a WANT and DESIRE to feel them, you have to form a love for the material. In a musical, you have to love the songs and love those characters. You have to form an emotional connection. Emotional connection is key to everything——-it makes you stay on their stories and make them matter. Even if the characters die, you still manage to keep them alive—-that is only because their stories matter to you.

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