The Fun of Valentine’s Day at Gardner Webb

I have several memories of Gardner Webb University. One of which was Candy and Critters, an event that happened around Valentine’s Day. During this event, students would come and make their own stuffed animal and make their own box of candy. About the stuffed animals—–after choosing the animal, we would go to a station and hand-stuff them.

Above are all of the stuffed animals I made- two of which are more meaningful than the others.

Beatrice Rose

She is the magenta bunny with the Frozen pjs. Named Beatrice for Bunny and got Rose for her color. Part of her meaning comes from the fact that she was the first of the Candy and Critters.


Yes, I literally made a stuffed animal and named it after a musical character. About a month prior, a staff member literally said something around the lines of “I’m surprised you still haven’t named a stuffed animal after a musical character”. So, at my last Candy and Critters, I made the decision to do just that. But, I still had some rules—1) had to have resemblance, 2) had to be a character I love, and 3) and from a musical I love. I thought that would be difficult, but was easier than I thought.

So, Eponine is the brown bear. So because Eponine wears a brown color scheme, it made perfect sense—-as in costume and the fact that she lives in extreme poverty. Second, I noticed the heart-shaped patches, which would connect to the love triangle, and after noticing the stitch marks around them, it connected even further—-after all, I was able to think of a broken heart, which would connect both to unrequited love and a broken life. I mean, one the bear reminded me of Eponine and I love the character and I love Les Mis a lot (you have no idea).

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