My Favorite Musical Character- Overall and Child

Many musical theatre fans have several favorite musical characters. However, in many ways, one stands out above the rest, meaning that character is our all-time favorite. So, sometimes we have two overall favorites——in two ways—what if we narrowed it down to our favorite child and non-child character? Let me mention those today.

All-Time Favorite Child

That character would be Annie. A lot of is because Annie is my favorite childhood musical. I think I was drawn to the musical and the character so much is because of Annie’s optimism. That is a characteristic I had in childhood and still have to this day.

Overall Favorite Character

This is a character that has been in life since August 2006——hard to believe. To this day, Elphaba is my overall favorite musical character. I can relate to her in so many ways- that is part of why I love Wicked so much. What about Elphaba do I relate to? Well, the two of us are “different”, determined, smart, and believe in equality and staying true to ourselves. She was one of the first characters I came across who was different. Even though this doesn’t happen often, I sometimes have felt misunderstood——that feeling started in the college years. There are characteristics in Elphaba I look for in other female characters—–such as strength and courage.

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