Couples I Love in Musicals

Well, one of the elements I look forward to the most in musical theatre is romance. It is something I always hope happens. Doesn’t matter if it is found in just a couple or even found in a love triangle. Romance is one of the most common themes in musicals due to how universal love is. So, who are some of my favorites?

Favorite Couples- Possible Spoilers

  1. Elphaba and Glinda
  2. Christine and Raoul
  3. Cosette and Marius
  4. Nala and Simba
  5. Katherine and Jack Kelly
  6. Belle and Beast
  7. Jasmine and Aladdin
  8. Mimi and Roger
  9. Angel and Collins
  10. Maria and The Captain


As you can tell, there is a LOT of romance in musicals. Plus, due to that most likely left some of my favorites off the list—–at least, I gave you a general idea.

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