Can Death be Exciting?

When it comes to stories, one difficult topic belongs to death. True, when we think of it, what comes to mind is heartbreak. Some deaths are intense, bittersweet, memorable, and touching. However, there are some deaths that are exciting. What??? Exciting—-that sounds unusual, but that depends on genre and character.


Well, there is one particular genre where I get pretty excited about death in characters. Well, look at mysteries. You have to get excited when it comes to a mystery death. That is because once a death happens, the fun begins. As in, you start becoming the detective. MOST crimes in the mystery world are murder.


Well, you have to understand the difference between a typical antagonist and villain here. True villains are the most evilest of characters. They are the ones you hope get killed off. Growing up, there is a chance we have been around Disney Villains such as Scar and Gaston, two characters we wanted to be gone. Then the two dark lords- Sauron and Lord Voldermort. I mean they were so evil that they truly had to die. We get so excited if those characters get killed off. Only, plus they deserved it.

The only character deaths we get heartbroken over belong to “non-villains”. They are characters we get emotionally attached and connected to. So, they are characters we love, but they don’t fully “die”. Only because they stay alive in us because their stories matter, and the story they come from have meaning to us. They are ones we easily can get angered at the author for—–those deaths can take time to get used to, but not all the time.

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