A Fun Location in Tale of the Cattail Forest

One of the things I loved in the past about WordPress is when they gave you “one word prompts”. That is because it helped me think of posts when I got stumped on what to write about. Thankfully in March, they gave us one word prompt for the entire month, which was BRIDGE– luckily was able to think of some posts. Here is my first.

Fairy Creek

What does this location have to do with “Bridge”? Well, it reminded me of the boardwalk next door to Fairy Creek, a setting in my main WIP. Fairy Creek is one of the MOST important locations in Tale of the Cattail Forest. True, the Fairy Frogs used to live in Cattail Marsh, but had to move to Fairy Creek. Due to the art skills of the Fairy Frogs, Fairy Creek is such a fun and an incredible place.

There are floating yellow flowers in creeks, a daisy-shaped gazebo, trees with treehouses in them (the very place they live in)—these same trees have pink and blue bridges connecting them, at the bottom of thetrees are red mushrooms with white dots on top, cattails that are always in bloom, and lots of room to add sculptures and other kinds of art. True, when they moved the creeks were lined with plain pebbles, but the first thing they did was get them painted and then lined them.

Fairy Creek is supposed to look magical and enchanting. It is supposed to look like a fun place to live- considering who those characters are. In that grove of trees, one is the biggest of all——a place for big projects in case in it rains (Aries decides on what they are going to do as a result of being leader)

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