Favorite Magical Musicals

There are various types of musicals- in genre, in type of song, in stories (as in being complex or simple), and even the kinds of characters. But, even different adjectives can describe them—one word I can use it “magical”, which isn’t just limited to Disney musicals. So, what are some of my favorite magical musicals?


Due to being a fantasy, it for sure has a magical feel. Elphaba has magical powers, which she was born with. OZ has a lot of magical elements—it does have different weather patterns than the typical world, and even the costumes of characters are slightly different. You really can feel the magic in this show- by the sound of the songs, by character names, by dance and spectacle, and even the costumes.

Wicked means a lot to me—–a musical that has been loved since August 2006. Drawn mainly to the powerful and beautiful friendship and the complex and strong love triangle. Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero are the only characters I am emotionally connected to—-especially towards Elphaba.


I can’t wait until June of this year—seeing the musical in person for the first time. I already have learned to love the the added songs to the stage show. I have loved Frozen since I saw the animated movie- my favorite songs being “For the First Time in Forever” and “Let it Go”. As a matter of fact, the musical shares a couple of parallels with Wicked. Elsa was born with powers of snow and ice while her sister, Anna, was not. I actually am a lot like Anna—-outgoing, optimistic, impulsive, and full of life (plus, I am the youngest).

Beauty and the Beast

I still can’t believe I hadn’t see this Disney musical in person. All I have seen are the animated and live action movies. The enchanted castle adds a lot of magic to the show——especially with scenes such as “Be Our Guest” and most especially at “Beauty and the Beast”. The “Beauty and the Beast” scene is so magical- the two costumes, the enchanting and beautiful song, and that incredible dance (just wow, so magical)—-you really can feel their love in that number. Plus, the Beast’s transformation when the curse was broken- what isn’t magical about that? Than after course, at the final dance.


This Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is magical. I still really hope to catch this one in person. I feel like the magic of Cinderella is very similar to the one found in Beauty and the Beast. After all, there is still a magical and incredible transformation—-you know what I am talking about (the transformations the Fairy Godmother did before Cinderella left for the ball). In addition, the magical and enchanting dance between Cinderella and the Prince—-as seen through “Ten Minutes Ago”. I even feel like its magical when the glass slipper finds its owner after a major search- “It’s a perfect fit”


Most of the magical side of Aladdin comes from the Cave of Wonders, The Genie, and one song in particular. The Cave of Wonders is the place where you come across the magic carpet and the lamp with the Genie—–Aladdin ends up owning the magic carpet and becomes the Genie’s master. In all of the scenes, “A Whole New World” is the most magical- I mean, flying on a magic carpet with the one you love- how romantic and amazing.

Lion King

How can a show dealing with animals be magical? Well, any Disney musical has to have some kind of magic. I feel like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is part of the magical side of this musical. It can be hard to describe the magical side in this musical.


True, it is based off an actual event in history- The Newsboy Strike of 1899, but it still is a Disney Musical. “Something to Believe In” is an innocent and magical song—-that seems to be the feel of a number of Disney love songs. Plus, several Disney musicals are home to strong talent in the dance—-Newsies really discovers that.

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