Most of my Fantasy Books

True, one of my favorite genres in fiction belongs to the world of fantasy. In addition, I do love both standalone fantasy and fantasy series. However, I recently realized that the vast majority of my favorites tend to fall under the category of series. So, what are those favorite series?

Harry Potter

I started here because I am currently rereading this series. Fell in love with them growing up. I love the whole Wizarding World- the creatures, the Golden Trio (among a number of other characters), Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, etc….. Just one of two series responsible for my love of fantasy today.


This is the other series that helped me fall in love with fantasy—-both Narnia and Harry Potter first were shown by their films and later got read. I love the world of Narnia in many ways- a place I would like to visit due to talking animals, the dancing trees, and what a beautiful place in Winter.

Lord of the Rings

I fell in love with this series in high school- started with The Hobbit and then got to Lord of the Rings. Even Middle Earth would be a great place to visit. Love the Hobbits- most emotionally attached to them. It took me a while to notice this, but it shares many parallels with HP (that probably is a huge reason why I love Lord of the Rings). Close friends, an amazing but dangerous quest, etc…True I am most emotionally attached to the Hobbits, but it doesn’t mean they are the only characters I love- there are some others I have fallen in love with.

Avalon: Web of Magic

One of the several things I love about this series was the friendship between Emily, Adrienne, and Kara. It was so magical in many ways- the magic found in the stones where they were able to use their powers. Even loved their individual relationships to a certain animal- like Emily to Ozzie. Don’t remember much about this particular series, but remember some reasons why I loved it.

Sister’s Grimm

Think opposite of Brother’s Grimm- in this series, the two sisters are related to them. I don’t fully remember why I loved this series. However, it does show a combo of fairy-tale creatures we are familiar with. It just has been so long since I read them.

Land of Stories

I read a lot of this series during my college years. Focusing on Alex and Conner Bailey, it is about their adventures in Land of Stories. It truly feels like a fairy tale when you are in the fictional world- due to seeing very familiar characters of fairy tales along with some incredible new ones.

By the way, I recently found out about a prequel series, which I hope to read.

Shades of Magic

My favorite series of 2020- for those who love the city of London, lots of suspense and plot twists, character-driven stories, and a fast-paced story. There is a familiar kind of object in this series that is in both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter——that black stone reminds me of the Ring and the Horcruxes. I loved the relationship between Kell (an Antari) and Lila (a thief who is more than we think)—–they create an incredible team. Even fell in love with new characters as the series continued.

Was recommended the first book by Park Road Books- as soon as I started reading the first book, was hooked right away

His Dark Materials

While I was aware of its anti-spiritual nature ahead of time, that wouldn’t stop me from reading this series. Especially if the first book was recommended by Park Road Books, a bookstore that is really knows how to recommend books.

I did fall in love with Lyra, the protagonist of this series—I wanted to start reading the series because I thought of Lila, from Shades of Magic, when I read the summary blurb. As I was reading the books, I fell in love with Lyra and the world more and more. I did love the relationship between Lyra and Pan. The concept of daemons was interesting to me, and I loved the althiometer (aka The Golden Compass). If you had fallen in love with the main character and its setting, you can ignore the negative things people say about it.

Howl’s Series

A fun, exciting, and kind of odd series. As in, it seems as if the books don’t exactly connect due to the fact that each one has a different main character and antagonist. But to figure out how they all belong in the series, you need to read Howl’s Moving Castle, where we are introduced to Sophie, Howl, and Calcifer. In the next two books, yes the main character and antagonist changes, but three certain characters might be closer than you think.


This was the most recent fantasy series I fell in love with. This is one of those incredible “found family” stories. Considering the fact that Morrigan Crow spent part of her life being blamed for a lot of unlucky things due to a “curse”——resulting in not being part of a proper family.

So on one fortunate day, Jupiter North rescued her and took her to Nevermoor, a wonderful city (I really love how they celebrate Christmas), which developed more and more as the series continued. She ended up living at The Hotel Deucalion- Fenestra, Frank, Jupiter, and the staff there sort of become like her “found family”, and eventually Unit 919 (specifically Hawthorne and Cadence). She has an interesting knack, despite its bed rep. There are a number of interesting characters in the series.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the series unfold.

Standalone Fantasy

  1. Princess Bride
  2. Ella Enchanted
  3. Uprooted
  4. Spinning Silver

As you will notice, it is not easy to think of much standalone fantasy books I love. But I still feel like there are other standalone fantasy books I love.


There are other series I love, but those happen to fall under mythology. When I think of standalone fantasy I love—odd how there isn’t much.

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