My Animal Characters

When it comes to my WIPS, it appears that the vast majority of my characters happen to be animals. Those range from a lizard, a dragon, Fairy Frogs, and Toads- it really is an interesting batch, and yes they come from multiple WIPS. So, who are they exactly?

Tale of the Cattail Forest

Fairy Frogs: all of them are clever, compassionate, and naturally gifted in the arts. Their wings are translucent with a gold trim

Sparkle (12)-

She is the protagonist of this story. She is stubborn, rebellious, adventurous, and courageous, and doesn’t listen well to authority. She is naturally gifted in drawing, which she is deeply invested in (partly due to discovering her craft when she was 3). She always carries around a silver and gold backpack with a pink “S” in the middle, which is home to many drawing supplies. She wears a multi-colored artist beret, has blue eyes that sparkles in the sun, and has magenta wings

Misty (12)

She is my singer Fairy Frog and best friends with Sparkle. She actually has a protective side when it comes to Sparkle. One of the many reasons why she isn’t that invested in her craft is due to her relationship with Sparkle (I mean, she usually goes looking for her when she seems to be missing, and usually doesn’t go straight to Aries, their leader). I wouldn’t be surprised that as she gets older, she would develop a more sacrificial protective nature. Wears a white dress with yellow flowers

Aries (in his 30s)

He actually serves as three things in the book. Not only is he their leader, but also head carpenter and uncle to Darcy. He is usually worried about Sparkle (due to her already getting in trouble in the past), but is still a confident leader despite doubting himself at times, and also an incredible uncle. When he doubts himself—usually gets advice from Darcy (not surprised there as Darcy is next in line to be leader). Wears a red carpenter hat with a white “A” in the middle.

Darcy (15)

Like I already said, he is the nephew of Aries and next in line to leader. His gift is in sculpture, and sometimes uses some of Felipe’s work in his sculptures. He usually has to give his uncle advice. Felipe and Darcy are best friends, who are usually seen together- they are so similar but still kind of different. Darcy does wear a belt with pieces of sculpture on it.

Felipe (14)

Darcy’s best friend, and skilled woodcraft. Does wear a similar work-belt as Darcy, but looks kind of different-has a kind of woodcraft finish on it. Sometimes his work gets on Darcy’s sculptures if it is small enough.

Celeste (8)

She is one of my minor characters. She is at a pretty exciting time in her life as she has at a point where she can truly experiment with her craft. She is a potter, but can truly bother Felipe- yes, they have different crafts but uses some of his tools but usually either loses them or forgets to return them.

Tweetsie (5)

My youngest and smallest. Wears a pink bow and has lilac wings. In the entire story, Tweetsie is my favorite minor character. She spends part of the book struggling to find out her craft is. She is extremely energetic, which easily makes Sparkle annoyed at her. There is so much to her than you think——but spoilers if I say. She almost wasn’t even part of the book- so glad she got added.

The Toads

Sarge (17)

My antagonist, but he isn’t a villain. He only is a bully, despite being the Toads leader, due a past he didn’t deserve. Left at age 4 by his mother, but left with an abusive father (aka Marge’s uncle). From the ages of 4-13, he was abused both verbally and physically. Leaving him with both emotional and physical scars. Left conflicted, confused, and having nightmares that were memories. He ended up becoming more lonely than he realized, and with an anger problem. He even was unable to recognize compassion, kindness, or love. He only mistreated his younger cousin due to envy (not understanding why she got the better father). All he needed was the right kind of affection.

However, Sarge had a source of comfort- he found it in “The Bog”, a place his father never knew existed. So, he was able to escape from his father there.

Marge (12)

Well, it is true both of their fathers were raised in a loving family, but only one turned out loving, but the other not. Deep down, Marge loved Sarge despite the mistreatment she got from him- I mean they are cousins. All Marge’s father could do was prevent Marge from seeing her uncle- he couldn’t protect both of them. Starting at about 8, Marge started becoming Sarge’s easiest target of bullying—–that resulted in Marge becoming misunderstood just because she was related to him. But there was some benefit from that- she was able to realize how bleak Graysloup truly was, and made her gain an incredible amount of wisdom.

She is truly the catalyst character for this book- if Sparkle never ran into her, there wouldn’t even be a story. Here is what Marge truly wanted- the right kind of compassion and a friend and to improve Graysloup. That was why she was able to stand up to Sarge.

Norg (19)

I find him to be one of the most interesting characters of the book. He actually is part of Sarge’s past, as the two used to be friends, which was a short friendships. Norg may have forgotten about it, but he never forgot about Sarge’s father. There is a reason why Sarge trusted Norg to be his spy- so in some way, Norg is kind of like a secondary antagonist. He actually has an incredible character arc- he really does start from Point A and ends up in Point B, but if I tell you the arc, I would be spoiling.

Claude (15)

He is actually a great example of showing how Sarge leads Graysloup.

Effa/Rudy (10)

Those are identical twin girls, who are like “peas in a pod”, and two other minor characters. Originally I wanted them in the book so that way Marge wouldn’t be my only girl toad. But as I was writing my first draft, I finally found their purpose. One of the things that does happen when you let the characters write the book.

Almost all of my toads eventually come close to one of my Fairy Frogs- based on age. Effa and Rudy play a part in helping Sarge from destroying Graysloup. It was always an unpleasant place to look at—–so why not add something to improve it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sarge tries to get rid of those, except Effa and Rudy play a part in preventing that.

Lizzy the Lizard

Obviously in this picture book, the animal in this a Lizard named Lizzy. Just like Sparkle, also adventurous, but even more curious. That is how she accidentally escaped her Citrus Farm in FL.

Ayra’s Story

True, I may not know Ayra’s story yet, but I am aware of certain animals including a typical fantasy one.

Tenisha– She is a dragon, who Ayra raised—literally from the time the dragon was no more than an egg to the full-grown dragon. Wouldn’t be surprised if that is part of why Ayra has some warrior qualities. I mean, Ayra lives on the edge of The Enchanted Forest in a cottage. The Enchanted Forest literally is next door to the biggest mountain range, where Tenisha lives. Ayra does love riding Tenisha, as she is pretty used to it, and Tenisha trust her. They even make a good hunting team- as in bow and arrow that Ayra probably has either strapped in or hung over her shoulder

Willow– I have a feeling that she actually is a Fairy Frog. Well, the island Ayra lives on is where the origins of the Fairy Frogs are. True, Ayra’s story isn’t a Fairy Frog story, but yet still has Fairy Frogs in it due to The Enchanted Forest. Willow is someone Ayra is used to- Willow is another species of Fairy Frog-as in a healer (those have a silver trim). There is something true about ALL Fairy Frogs- clever, compassionate, some natural talent, and translucent wings.

6 thoughts on “My Animal Characters

  1. I need to finish reading this, but I wanted to comment. We were talking about Sarge, and now I know who you mean. I love the characters I’ve read so far, but I think Sarge (so far) is my favorite. Us grumpy old frogs gotta stick together


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