The Golden Trio of Harry Potter

One of the most-well known series belongs to Harry Potter. It is also a series that has proved itself to be a contemporary classic. A story filled with magic, friendship, amazing beasts and creatures, and a fight against good and evil. So, what is it’s most famous friendship?

The Golden Trio

Harry, Ron, and Hermione create one of the famous friendships in literature. They are seen as best friends in all seven books. They go through various trials in each book even if it means breaking the rule. At first, Harry is only friends with Ron, but soon enough they befriend Hermione.

In many ways, Ron and Hermione remind me of Sam from Lord of the Rings. There is no way Harry would have defeated Voldemort without his best friends. This is especially seen during Deathly Hallows during their hunt for the Horcruxes—-Harry wanted to do it alone, but Ron and Hermione wouldn’t allow it.

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