March 2022 in Review

Hard to believe it is already April. March was the month where Spring began, but it still doesn’t fill like the season. Now, where there any highlights- there were, but that big (well, amazing in their own way)! So, what were those highlights?


Finished- Only managed to finish Half-Blood Prince. Despite being probably my least favorite book of the series, glad to have finished it. Half-Blood Prince feels like a book that sets up Deathly Hallows, the 7th and final installment of Harry Potter. Provides you with useful information.

In the final week of March, I managed to start Deathly Hallows—–it is their hunt for the Horcruxes and destroying them. Much more action than Half-Blood Prince (even near the beginning- like when Harry has leave the Dursleys). I feel like all the books start getting amazing when Harry first enters the picture especially when you see him with his best friends. I feel like Deathly Hallows is a true testament to their friendship- I mean, they wanted to stay with Harry (despite knowing the dangers).

Rail Trail Lights

There are many incredible places to be in Charlotte. But I have never been on the Rail Trail- so March was my first time doing it. During that month, they put up some light illuminations along the trail (as in best seen in the dark).

Blumenthal’s 22/23 Season

There is something I ALWAYS look forward to in March. It is usually in that month I discover the upcoming season for Blumenthal Performing Arts. So thankful Charlotte has Blumenthal or else wouldn’t be able to see US Tours of musicals. Some musicals I love are coming back to Charlotte, and some new ones are arriving (as in never came), and then the ones that been here before but still haven’t seen yet.

So, the shows that are coming are found in the link below:

So, how was your March?

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