Who is the Most meaningful Singer of my Life?

In life, there are a number of people who hold meaning to you. The ones that make an impact on your life- of course family, friends, and teachers play a role. Even the characters of books and shows play a part- as they become a part of you (a reasoning why the actors who play them can be meaningful). There are even impactful musicians and singers, but do you expect that only well-known ones are the most influential? So, who is one of my most meaningful musicians?

Someone not Expected

Fran McKendree isn’t just a Christian and Folk musician. He isn’t just someone who led the music during Parish Retreats at Kanuga. He played a BIG role in my journey with Christ and my love for Christian music. Due to singing during Parish Retreats, I was able to strongly feel God’s Presence (+ the hikes). From the years 2003-2008, Fran was our main song leader——“Lord of the Dance”, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”, “One Body”, “Servant Song”, and “Sanctuary” were the main songs I remember that he taught our Church. True, “Servant Song” now has double meaning, but back in the day “Servant Song” was only connected to Kanuga.

If it wasn’t for Fran, I probably NEVER would have discovered Winterlight, a high school youth conference (Dec. 27th- Jan. 1st). My family owns the Winterlight 24 CD——that was how I found out about that event. You would think the best part about high school would be connected to my school, but it isn’t. It actually was Winterlight- I went in 2010 and 2011 (we sang three times a day, did a service project, had a banquet, New Year’s Eve dance, Talent Show, etc……….).

Now that I think of it, Fran is probably just as impactful as he was in the past. He actually was my favorite musician growing up. I actually love contemporary christian music just as much as musical theatre.

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