My Love for Contemporary Christian Music

There are several types of genres in both books and music. Just like I have my favorite book genres, I have my top favorite music genres. One of which I have talked about more often—–musical theatre. But there is still another genre that I love just as much, which belongs to contemporary christian music. I feel like it is sort of difficult to explain my love for contemporary christian music.

The Beginning

Well, this was a love that began at Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center. Due to going to Parish Retreats, I was able to be exposed to contemporary christian music. From the years 2003-2008, Fran McKendree was leading our music with songs like “Lord of the Dance”, “Servant Song”, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”, “Lean on Me”, and “Sanctuary”. Singing along to those songs made me strongly feel God’s presence and I was able to notice I had a strong spirit.

High School

Now, some new songs would enter due to certain events. Outreach- “Shout to the Lord” and “You are my All in All”. Than there was Winterlight, a high school youth conference at Kanuga—–lasted from Dec. 27th-Jan.1st. New songs were added to the list- “Prince of Peace”, and of course some of the ones from the Winterlight 24 CD. I was at Winterlight 35/36—–which ends at “Celtic Blessing”—–it was Winterlight where I strongly felt my love for contemporary christian music.


What in the world does university have to do with this genre of music? Well, it has to do with The Gathering, a student-led worship service—-one where we sang contemporary christian music (Hillsong being a main source). “Fierce”, “Come to the River”, “Good Good Father”, “Great are You Lord”, “Power to Redeem”, “Above All”, etc…………

How the Genre Helps

So, in what way does christian music help me? In many ways, it helps me deal with stress because it makes me relax. What I feel when I sing along is powerful—–that is how I feel God’s presence the most during Worship and probably the most at home. In my time at university, what got me through was going to The Gathering———that was because there were the songs to sing to (just to give you a break from the hardships).

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