The Hardest Kind of Book to Write

As writers, there are various kinds of books to write. Some examples include picture, middle grade, young adult, and adult. It seems as if the most complex stories and long stories should be the hardest ones to write, but are they? In my opinion, what is the hardest kind of story is write?

Picture Book

Well, true with complex and long books it takes up a lot of time. But at least, you have a lot of room to work with—–as in you can fit so much story in a lot. So, what makes picture books even harder to write? Well, you have limited word space to fit so much—–as in how do you fit a complete story into so little? You really don’t have much room to work with. You have so much plot, but so little room to put all of that in.

One of my WIPS is actually a picture book- “Lizzy the Lizard”. Meant for 3-4 olds, but it isn’t easy to write at all. It was even harder to write than my middle grade “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. I still am partway through the first draft of “Lizzy the Lizard” (it was difficult to “just write, don’t think about it”). Had to stop in the middle of first draft for two reasons- writer’s block and having to get back to my main WIP.

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