Charlotte Shout 2022

Well, I am so glad Charlotte Shout returned. It is a fun event filled with innovation art work- as in art you can be awed at and art you sort of play with. Just depends on what you come across.

Well, here we were allowed to write on particular areas on this. It was called something like “Temple of Change”. Maybe because of all the writing that keeps on being added.

This was very interactive- we are allowed to push the tubes in and out. Almost like “Light Bright”, but not exactly as these tubes could be pushed to the other side. I mean, I could be one side and someone else could be the other.

Well, let me bring up two things that I don’t have pictures of. Things that were sort of “Spinning Tops”. Plus, they brought back the “Seesaws”—-one of my favorite things from the prior Charlotte Shout.

The Big Easter Eggs- Well, I was looking forward to these the most.

Yes, the picture from below are two different things. The illuminated snails.

Plus, the interesting but creepy faces. This is something you might find easy to run away from, but it is actually for amazing than it seems. Once you come across them.

My day at Charlotte Shout ended up in a cozy hammock (we found the hammocks and swings earlier, but they were full), so we waited for later. True the 2019 Charlotte Shout had more stuff to do, but this Charlotte Shout was still incredible in its own way.

This link below is about the first Charlotte Shout:

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