A Change in Parish Retreat

Ever since graduating from high school in 2012, a lot of changes have happened. New subjects were taught—–as in ones I loved. I learned to go past my comfort zone in more ways than one. Another change happened this weekend- The annual Parish Retreat. From the years 2003-2021, we have always gone to Kanuga, but this time the church needed a change. But, some things still needed to be similar in a way—-like feeling of fellowship and certain activities.


Unlike Kanuga, Montreat is a Presbyterian Conference Center. But both places are still up in the mountains. Due to Montreat’s location, there still was trails to hike one—-that was good to know. Hiking is a huge part of our Parish Retreats, and one of my strongest connections to God. The only difference with the hiking is the fact that in Montreat you have to drive to the trail heads.

Program- just like with Kanuga, we still had our program- split into kids, youth, and adult. It took a while till I wanted to spend time with the adult, but soon enough opened up to them. We ended up doing an icebreaker activity- basically “That’s Me”- if the question applied to us, we took one step forward, and if it didn’t we stayed put. On that type of activity, they always make sure at least one question applied to someone- based on what they know of those who attended the Retreat.

Crafting- we ended up making prayer flags, a new kind of prayer for me. We could decorate it in any way we want. There were times in the past at Kanuga that we did some art activity, so glad to have craft

Bonfire- I always enjoy those especially if it involves smores (I always make two of them).

Hangout- this is only referring to the times I spent reading on my kindle in the main lobby; love that I could bring something to do down there. Advantage of a a kindle

Adult Socials- I even eventually learned to participate in these. Especially if I am an extrovert. The adult socials usually ended the day at Kanuga

Blue Grass Eucharist- in the past couple of years at Kanuga, we had our Sunday service at the lakeside with a Blue Grass Band. This year, we may not have had the lakeside but at least we still had the same band- fun music to listen to


While things may change, the memories and the importance remain. That never leaves us- it continues to live.

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