Mountain or Beach- Who are You?

There are two kinds of people in life. Either we prefer the beach or we prefer the mountains. If some reason we are drawn more to one or the other. So, what kind of person am I?


I am much more of a mountain person. More starters, I have a stronger connection to God. That is a result of being surrounded by nature especially on hikes. That all began at Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center, located in Hendersonville. Due to that, I started becoming a mountain person- feeling God’s presence strongly.

That was why I was glad Gardner Webb was near hiking trails- so I signed up whenever Student Activities offered a hike.

Now, I love hiking. True, we go on an annual Parish Retreat, but this year we picked a new location. This time was Montreat, a Presbyterian Conference Center, which is located near Black Mountain. Below is a picture from the main hike- the one during the Parish Retreat. I actually own hiking boots, a hiking backpack, and actually have a hiking stick I made.

When there isn’t time for mountains, Greenway walks kinda of make up for that.

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