My Human Characters

As many know, MOST of my characters are animals- those range from Fairy Frogs, Toads, a Lizard, and a dragon. However, I have managed to create some human characters- ones I am still trying to get to know. So, who are my human characters, and which stories do they come from?

Greatest Discovery

The Orphans

Aurora/Jasmine– these two are the protagonists. Fraternal twins born in 1998 born to Disney-loving and artsy parents- this explains their names. Jasmine is more into the crafts especially making outfits for dolls (she has a dream of being a costume designer on Broadway), and the more mature and protective twin. Aurora, on the other hand, is more into princesses and dolls, and more innocent and struggles more with the loss of her parents—-good thing she has Mali, the final doll her mother made her.

Paige– born in 1997, wise and smart

Mollie – born in 1997

Rosie– born in 1999

Emily– born in 1999

*When it comes to the orphans, I know Aurora and Jasmine the best. They live in NYC near Central Park and eventually go on a scavenger hunt*

The Caregiver

She is truly like a real mother to these six girls- in many ways she reminds me of Mrs. Honey from Matlida. She really does love them- takes them to Central Park for outings (after all, they live near there), etc……(the complete opposite of Mrs. Hannigan from Annie). Just like the six main orphans, she was an orphan and hopes someday to open up a bigger orphanage—-all she has now is her home and Aurora and Jasmine are her newest girls to come.

Ayra’s Story

Ayra– She is my protagonist. She is warrior-type and lives in a cottage at the edge of The Enchanted Forest. She actually raised a dragon (who she owns) and is good with a bow and arrow. Unique and in a way “different”- explaining would mean spoiling.

Maverick– He is the newest human character I discovered. For some reason, I already have it in my mind that he is most likely to sacrifice his life. Don’t know if it is him telling me that or if I made that up. Meaning he is willing to take risks and is brave, if it stays that way.

*Don’t forget, I still don’t know the plot of this particular book. *

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