One Positive Word to Describe ALL Musicals

While musical theatre is well associated with comedies, that doesn’t mean they just have that genre. I had to learn the hard way about the tragic musicals, but so glad I eventually did- discovered a couple of elements in musicals I thought was impossible. Growing up, I described ALL musicals as happy and comic—–yes, I did know about the emotion of sad (wasn’t like I was blind to sad songs), but not heartbreak. So, did I still find a positive emotion to describe ALL musicals? Yes, I did—–So, what was that particular word?


What is the difference between happy and joyful? To me, the word “happy” makes no sense to tragic musicals or those that are neither tragic or comic. Joy is one of the five core emotions in musicals- the rest being excitement, love, sad, and heartbreak. So, what do I mean when I say “Joyful”?

Well, what about the actual experience of seeing a musical? The power of live theater- it is pretty exciting and joyful. There are two kinds of emotions in musical theatre- yours and the characters. Excitement, love, and joy are the strongest emotions for that particular reason- your EXCITEMENT at seeing the show, your LOVE for the musical, and your JOY watching it. Those are stronger than any emotion in musicals- those are a huge reason you formed an emotional connection and why you are willing to feel the characters’ emotions and go on their journeys, and why they continue to live in you long after the curtain falls.

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