A Book Event to Look Forward To

Annually, Darrow Owens (a Women’s Group at Church), allows several speakers to come to the church for different talks. However, one of them is more popular than the others- for obvious reasons. That particular one is one I look forward to the most—–most likely because Sally Brewster, the owner of Park Road Books, comes to talk about a set of books she has brought with her. So on Monday, the event happened, and it is incredible for bookworms.

The Fun of It

Well, the very fun thing about this book event is that we are allowed to purchase the books after our speaker finishes. She ALWAYS knows the BEST way to describe the books that have been brought to church- as in making you want to buy at least one. What have been the books I have bought for each year?

Spinning Silver

Well, this comes from my first time attending that event. I usually get nervous around retellings- but at least there were some advantages. First- a fantasy, second- already read one Naomi Novik book (as in one I fell in love with), and Third- loved the summary blurb.

Last Bookshop in London (2021)

Yes, I got this book last year. I already read a few books about the power of literature (Yellow-Lighted Bookshop and Little Paris Bookshop). As a matter of fact, this book proved to be the most popular—–as it sold out quickly and several couldn’t get it.

The House on Vesper Sands

Well, this was the book I bought from the event this year. As she was describing the book, Agatha Christie, my favorite mystery author, kept coming to mind. For starters- a British Detective and Second- gothic mystery.

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