Examples of “Underdog” Stories

There are several types of fictional stories. One of which that is always inspirational is the story of either the underdog or underdogs. What exactly is an underdog? These belong to a person or group of group of people or aren’t thought to win—–or considered “losers”. Due to the role they play in society. Seen those types of stories played across in both literature/musical theatre. POSSIBLE SPOILERS

Musical Theatre


One of my favorite “Underdog” Disney musicals. The Newsies are either homeless, runaways, or orphans. All they have is each other, and together they share a strong brotherly bond, as expressed in “Carrying the Banner”. They have to a leader- Jack Kelly, the main character of the show. He cares a lot more about his brothers’ safety than the strike. Filled with a collection of exciting and emotional songs and mind-blowing dance


Due to our main character living on the streets, the musical would be an underdog story. Aladdin is constantly told that he is a “street-rat”. He wants so much more—–he is much more than what people say he is. He has a wonderful heart, but in a rough situtation.

Les Mis

Only referring to The Friends of the ABC—-underdogs because they are only college students. They have a strong brotherly love that feels like family. Their passion of the uprising is so strong that they don’t give up no matter what. Enjolras, their leader, has a big passion for the uprising—–he is more passionate about the uprising than his love for the students. Even when they know the result, they still keep their ground and stay. None of them don’t mind dying for their cause.


Elphaba, one of its protagonists, is an underdog—-just a false label. She is smart, determined, big-hearthearted, brave, and strong. Don’t just assume someone is “Wicked” just because they were born a different color—-she was born green—-leading to false assumptions. Wicked is my favorite musical with underdogs- a fantasy with comedy, lots of magic, romance, a strong emotional connection, positive and negative emotions, and spectacle and dance.


Harry Potter

Considering he didn’t find out He was a Wizard until age 11 says a lot. Was an underdog for several reasons- went through so much starting at a pretty young age (as well as his two best friends). Went through a lot of trials and challenges during all his years at Hogwarts—all the way to the time he went on that dangerous quest

The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

Well, any Hobbit is considered an underdog——not expected to do what they had to do. Especially in the case of Frodo, going to Mordor to destroy the Ring (that wouldn’t have been possible without Sam)

Oliver Twist

Only an orphan- so no wonder it is an incredible underdog story. Crazy how such an incredible story starts from just a few words- the famous “Please Sir, I Want Some More”. That is how the incredible plot kicks off.

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