A Struggle with Bookworms

There are many struggles bookworms face, and I found a perfect quote in “A Little Princess” to illustrate one of them. No bookworm likes being interrupted while in the middle of reading especially when we are so absorbed in the book.

Never did she find something so difficult as to keep herself from losing her temper when she was suddenly disturbed while absorbed in a book. People who are fond of books know the feeling or irritation which sweeps over them at such a moment

A Little Princess

While reading, we become so into a book that we usually lose ourselves. As in, forgetting everything going on around us- sometimes we might not hear anything going on (like a phone ring or rain in the background of even music)—-only because we got caught up in the characters’ world. So when we get interrupted, we know that feeling- of going back into reality- we are like “not now, really”- I was really into that book”. We are irritated and annoyed that we got out of the book’s world and back into our own. Books allow us to truly escape- to forget about reality and go into a different world.

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