The Biggest Trips of My Life

In life, people tend to go on various vacations- whether that means in their country or heading abroad. Some of them are huger than others due to where you are headed or the kind of trip. So, what were some of my biggest trips?

The United States- The Trips in my Country


True, I was only in elementary school at the time. But it was one of those extended family trips. I don’t know how much of this trip I actually remember. It included whitewater rafting, horse riding, and spending time in Keystone, CO.


This was such a special trip to me. That is because it was just me and my mom. I also saw my first musical on Broadway- Wicked at The Gershwin Theater. Little did I know the impact Wicked would have on my life. Loved since August 2006, and like the musical says “because I knew you, I have been changed for good”.


There is no way I could forget Alaska. Another extended family trip- think of a cruise, but replace the ship with a tour bus. From a Glacier Cruise to Geocaching to meeting Sled Dogs to basic white water rafting to several hikes, etc……….

Abroad Trips


Of ALL my trips abroad, I barely remember this one. But at least I can say, I went to France. So young- only 7 at the time.

Costa Rica

Studying Abroad for two weeks- this was a cultural immersion experience. May 2014 was when this happened. Part was spent volunteering and part was spent exploring. One day, we went to a Farmer’s Market- that is where I tried Coconut Water- the cool thing was drinking it out of the actual coconut.

Monteverde Rainforest Preserve- loved it when we spent time there for three days. One day was hiking (my group kept on wanting to continue the hike). The next was the Canopy Zipline-so glad I decided to do this (when I first heard of the zipline, I was kind of nervous and afraid to do it, but glad I made the decision to do it).

San Jose- Our group stayed in Atenas, and we were close enough to San Jose. One day, we went up there. We spent time in a market- a fun place to explore and possibly shop for things.

The Food and Drinks- Loved the Frescas, Horcheta, and Arroz Con Leche (they were the ones I remembered the most)


Where to start- such a transforming trip. If it wasn’t for my family church’s choir, this never would have happened. The choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral- as a result, a pilgrimage was built around it (meaning, day trips happened in and around Bristol). Besides the choir, family, friends, and parishioners were allowed to join. Despite home base being Bristol, the group spent a few days in London. This happened in summer 2015, and my family decided to go up two days early.

July 29th/30th:

Well, the extra two days my family was in London. The 29th was when my family walked around The Westminster Area. However, the 30th felt like it was my 1st day we actually did something. The 30th was Platform 9 and 3/4- my sister and I are Harry Potter fans. On the way back to the hotel, a stop at Paddington Station.

The night of July 30th was extra special in more ways than one. I like to call it a double date night- my dad with my sister while I was my mom. That night was when I finally saw Les Mis in the West End. However, nothing felt like reality- seeing the theater to buying souvenirs to noticing I had an understudy for Valjean to seeing how close the seats were to seeing the set (nothing felt real). Than, I heard it (the first notes), and I knew it was reality and those notes even told it was going to be more than expected.

As a matter of fact, Les Mis followed perfectly into the real intention of England. Going from Valjean’s spiritual journey to my own.

July 31st- August 2nd

Now, the real dates of The Bristol Pilgrimage. Consisted of three castles- Windsor, Berkeley, and Chepstow. Bath, Old Sarum, Tintern Abbey, and Stonehenge. Stonehenge was my mountain-top moment for me. Ten church services (most obviously being at Bristol Cathedral)- Westminster, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Salisbury Cathedral were are the others were. If it wasn’t for the castles and Stonehenge, don’t know if I would have wanted to go on this pilgrimage. I realized just how transforming the pilgrimage was at the final Evensong- during the anthem, I was moved to tears.

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