The Adoptive Parents of Fiction

There are two kinds of parents in fiction- either the children are biological or they are adopted. Sometimes, a child may not have a parent till the middle of the story or the end- if they are orphans or need a better life. So, who are these adoptive parents?

The Weasleys

True, they don’t officially adopt Harry Potter, but they treat him like he is their son. So in some ways, Harry is part of their family- a family of seven biological children. So, in a way they do count due to how they treat Harry Potter.

Jupiter North

True, he isn’t exactly a father but in a way it works. That is because before Morrigan Crow was noticed by him, she was living a horrible life- a result of being born on Eventide. He is her patron in Nevermoor- so he was able to take her away from a life of abuse and gave her a better life. Due to being her patron, she was able to compete to get into the Wundrous Society- to stay in Nevermoor, she had to get in.

Jean Valjean

The relationship between Valjean and Cosette is so special. Becoming a father in the most unexpected of ways- this happened after he promised Cosette’s mother he would raise her. Turns out, Cosette was treated horribly by The Thenardiers- so Valjean was able to give her a better life. Valjean truly loves Cosette, and makes a huge impact on his life.

Daddy Warbucks

Yes, he didn’t become a parent till the end of Annie. But still an adoptive parent- Annie was an orphan who stayed with him for a week. Turns out, he fell in love with her and ended up adopting her in the end.

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