A Fun Book Tag

I decided to create a tag today- one connected to books.

Here are the rules:

  1. Link to the creator
  2. Tag 5-10 bookworms
  3. Answer the questions (and create ten more)

The questions:

  1. Go to a book school- Hogwarts
  2. Live in a fantasy world for five years- Narnia
  3. Ebook or physical book- Physical
  4. Trilogy or Quartet- Trilogy
  5. Hope to be a Demigod or Wizard or Witch- if I already planned school at Hogwarts, probably will choose Witch
  6. Name one Book struggle- getting interrupted while being absorbed in a book
  7. Visit a bookstore or library- bookstore
  8. How you get book recommendations- Family, Bookstore, and Blog
  9. Top favorite Genres- Classics and Fantasy
  10. Longest book you Read and Finished- Les Misérables

*Since I created the tag, anyone can steal this*

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