Most Fictional Characters I Love

There are various characters I love- I have discovered these characters in different kinds of fiction. Literature, ballet, opera, plays, and musicals. But for the sake of this post, I will only be referring to literature and musicals. Well, the fates of characters I love- either they survive or they die. So, what do MOST of my favorite characters fall under?



  1. Sara Crewe
  2. Lottie
  3. Oliver Twist
  4. Mary Lennox
  5. Charlie Bucket
  6. Colin
  7. Dickon
  8. Nicholas Nickleby
  9. Sancho Panza
  10. Kell
  11. Lila
  12. Frodo
  13. Bilbo
  14. Merry
  15. Pippin
  16. Legolas
  17. Percy Jackson
  18. Annabeth Chase
  19. Leo
  20. Harry Potter
  21. Hermione Granger
  22. Ron Weasley
  23. Alex and Conner Bailey


  1. Maria (Sound of Music)
  2. Captain Von Trapp
  3. Von Trapp Children
  4. Annie
  5. Daddy Warbucks
  6. The Orphans
  7. Jack Kelly
  8. Crutchie
  9. Davey
  10. Newsies
  11. Belle
  12. Beast
  13. Lumiere
  14. Cogsworth
  15. Mrs. Potts
  16. Chip
  17. Elsa
  18. Anna
  19. Aladdin
  20. Jasmine
  21. Simba
  22. Nala
  23. Zazu
  24. Rafiki
  25. Roger
  26. Mimi
  27. Elphaba
  28. Glinda
  29. Fiyero
  30. Christine
  31. Raoul
  32. Marius
  33. Cosette
  34. Pippin


If I literally continue, it will take forever. That is just how many survivors exist in the fictional world- a lot. Even if I only focused on just one type of fiction- they still take up the vast majority. Even though yes characters do die, I have found a way to keep them alive- that is through myself if I have formed an emotional connection to them and/or the story.

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