Joy Feeling the Negative Emotions?

In the world of musical theatre, BOTH positive and negative emotions exist. True, it is easy to feel the positive emotions, but the negative emotions are harder because they hurt. But, at the same time you can still have joy feeling them. Wait, sec—-that makes no sense, how can you enjoy feeling the negative emotions- wouldn’t they hurt? Well, there are reasons why—yes, there is more than one reason? So, why is there joy found in the negative emotions?

Emotional Connection

This is KEY to a lot. They are the DESIRE, REASON, and WANT to go on the characters’ journey and want to feel their emotions. So, what causes an emotional connection. One of them is relating to the characters, but that isn’t always the case. Another is loving their songs- the negative emotions usually fall under the category of beautiful songs.

Joy in Heartbreak

This time, I am literally referring to what happens in the story. What does bittersweet mean- a combo of joy and sad, and due to that it causes a special kind of beauty. Bittersweet usually happens at those “goodbye” kind of moments- when two characters realize it is the last moment they will see each other, and at times at death scenes.

If you look deeper, you might see elements of hope at moments that might seem to be JUST heartbreaking. Called understanding the show and characters better.

The Overall Experience

This is basically referring to your overall experience at the musical. The positive emotions are stronger- a result of your EXCITEMENT, JOY, and LOVE at seeing the show. Those help a lot- you don’t want an experience where you are 100% emotionally disturbed, and at intermission you strongly want to leave- so that means you have lost that level of excrement, love, and joy. You just don’t want to watch act II.

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