Nonfiction Books I Love

One of my least favorite genres belongs to the world of nonfiction. However, that doesn’t mean I fully dislike the genre. That is because every once in a while, I find something I love. Crazily enough, even this genre seems to fall under different subgenres as wells. So, what are some of the nonfiction books I love?

Inspirational Books

One Hundred Story Home– this book takes place in Charlotte, NC. It is about the making of Moore Place, a place that helps house the chronic homeless. I am passionate about volunteering for those living in poverty- a reason why I volunteer once a week at Loaves and Fishes, a food pantry.

Same Kind of Different as Me- Perfect for fans of “One Hundred Story Home”. As that story references this book. A wonderful book that the relationship between Denver Moore and Rob Hall. If it wasn’t for their journey to Urban Ministry , Moore Place most likely wouldn’t have existed.

The Day the World Came to Town– Never would have read this if it wasn’t for “Come From Away”. Some people might accidentally think it was a book about 9/11, but it isn’t. It is about what happened after 38 planes suddenly had to land to Gander, Newfoundland- a town that offered a lot of compassion and humanity.

Pour Your Heart into It– This is basically a story of about how Starbucks came to be. At the time, I was more of a Starbucks fan.

Dewey– Now that I think of it, probably an incredible book for bookworms. Yes, Dewey is a library cat. He really made a difference in the library he was part of.

Freedom Writers

I Am Malala

Musical Theatre Books

Bolton and Wodehouse and Kern– this book focuses primarily on the early days of musical theatre

150 Years of Musical Theatre– Now, I was able to enter more familiar ground with musicals I love since it covered more years

The Movie Musical– Covering a number of years of movie musicals; it even had to start on the times when there was still silent films, and how musicals started having the ability to have sound; and glad to find musical movies I love

*There are still musical theatre history book that I still need to read, which are “Something Wonderful”, “Singular Sensation”, and “Defying Gravity”

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