Female/Male Duets in Musicals (Only Stage Shows)

There are many different kinds of songs in musical theatre. Those range in many ways (emotion; either duets, solos, or ensemble numbers; the emotional nature; and even what the song is about). Crazy how they vary in that way- when we think of duets, two things come to mind- but that isn’t always true (not all belong to romance, and not all are female/male ones). So, what are some of my favorite male/female duets?


  1. As Long as You’re Mine
  2. A Heart Full of Love
  3. A Little Fall of Rain
  4. Come to Me
  5. All I Ask of You
  6. Phantom of the Opera
  7. Point of No Return
  8. Light My Candle
  9. I Should Tell You
  10. Something Good
  11. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  12. People Will Say We’re in Love
  13. Something to Believe In
  14. A Whole New World
  15. A Million Miles Away
  16. What do you Know about Love
  17. Love is an Open Door
  18. No Matter What
  19. Crowd of Thousands
  20. Tonight
  21. Somewhere
  22. One Hand, One Heart
  23. Sun and Moon
  24. Suddenly Seymour


From this list alone, you will realize that duets are way more than ROMANCE. Some of these songs connect to friendship, death, family and the protagonist/antagonist. Only the others are love songs.

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