The Last Book I…Book Tag

I saw this tag over at Nehal Jain, and I thought I should try it. It was a book one I still haven’t attempted yet.

The Questions:

The last book I bought: Well, depends if it you mean ebook ir physical. The last physical book I bought was “The House on Vesper Sands” and last book I bought for Kindle was “Daughters of Sparta”

The last book I borrowed– It was a kindle book, and that belonged to “The Paris Library”

The last book I was gifted– I seriously don’t remember. Either it was “Marillia of Green Gables” or “A Little Princess” and “Call Us What We Carry”. Last Christmas, I got two books- that is why you see the “and” on the last two books. At least I know it was one of the three that I just listed.

The last book I gave to someone else– Well, I rarely give books to someone else (unless you are talking about my volunteer job- at “Loaves and Fishes”, you do give out books to kids), but I haven’t given out books to those I know that often

The last book I started– Just yesterday, started “Sea of Trolls”, the start of a trilogy Park Road Books recommended to me

The last book I finished– Daughters of Sparta

The last book I rated 5 stars– Hmmm, don’t really know

The last book I DNF’d– Rarely don’t finish a book

The last book I listened to– I NEVER have done this- gone the audiobook route

2 thoughts on “The Last Book I…Book Tag

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