Parallel Musical Theatre Songs

One of the key things to falling to love in a musical belong to the songs. They are what make you get to know the characters the most, and usually are what makes you form an emotional connection. Once you form an emotional connection, you usually have a strong desire to WANT to feel the emotions in the musical. So, are any musical songs that are parallel (as in alike)

Let It Go/Defying Gravity

These are two empowering songs from Frozen and Wicked. In addition, they are the the ending of the first Act. Sung by Elsa and Elphaba, they are songs about staying true to yourself. Even the melodies are kinda of similar- you wouldn’t figure that out unless you listen closely.

I’m Not That Girl/On My Own

I know there are multiple heartbreaking love songs, but I want to talk specifically about these two. I originally fell in love with “I’m Not That Girl” in 2006—–I don’t remember when I realized it was a sad song- either the first time I saw Wicked or the 2nd. I knew the song was part of the love triangle, and also knew the song was deepening (but was totally unaware of certain elements of the song). Another song would help me figure out “I’m Not That Girl” even further.

“On My Own” would strongly help out “I’m Not That Girl”. After all, “On My Own is sung by Eponine, who sings a stronger and more powerful unrequited love song. I was totally unaware of heartbreak until Les Mis entered my life- it actually took me an entire year to realize “On My Own” was a heartbreaking song. Actually two things helped “I’m Not That Girl”- making the connection to “On My Own” and memorizing its lyrics- by learning the lyrics, I found a lot more insight in the song. So, that really would mean “I’m Not That Girl” was actually the first unrequited love I fell in love with—–just didn’t understand it fully.

I really think my love for Elphaba explains where my love for Eponine might have come from. If you actually think about their similarities- both born into the wrong family, taken advantage of, and dealing with unrequited love (but will something improve for one for them??.

Memory/I Dreamed a Dream

Yes, this one may not make sense. “Memory” is my favorite song from Cats, and sung by Grizabella, and first heard it in elementary school- it was an emotionless song for a pretty long time. “I Dreamed a Dream” is sung by Fantine and is about broken dreams, and a heartbreaking song, and always drives me to tears, not matter who sings.

So, what does “I Dreamed a Dream” have to with “Memory”. You really have to think to understand this. If you actually think about it, Grizabella used to have a happy life—–kinda of like Fantine used to have a better life. Grizabella expresses that in “Memory” and also reflects on her tragic life in the presents———doesn’t that sound similar to “I Dreamed a Dream”- after all, Fantine is reflecting on the past and the present in the song (about the time she was happy, and also about the tragic life she has now).

So in ways, Grizabella and Fantine are kinda of parallel characters- yes, I am comparing a cat to a human.

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