Love Triangles- Not What You Think

I almost feel like there are two types of love triangles. There are the obvious ones, and the technical ones. What, how can a love triangle technically be one, but not really? I know that sounds strange, but I almost feel like they in some ways are not “real love triangles”. What am I talking about?

Beast, Belle and Gaston

Well, at the beginning it is obvious Gaston wants to marries Belle, but does he actually love her? Well, Gaston doesn’t love her—-he only wants to marry her because she is the prettiest girl in town—he only is so in love with himself. So, how is this a real love triangle?

Belle and Beast are the only ones who love each other. It is a romance that grows over time. At first, they can’t stand each other especially if Beast is being selfish and has a terrible temper. But there comes a moment where Beast realizes his mistake (as in before the curse). At the scene where he scares Belle leading her to escape the castle. It is in “Something There” where you first realize they start to have some feelings for each other, and in “Beauty and the Beast”, you figure out they have fallen in love.

But there is no third wheel- only because Gaston doesn’t love Belle——so not a real love triangle. That is what I mean, the third wheel doesn’t play a part- they just are in the way. No unrequited love really exists.

Kristoff, Anna, and Hans

Well, look here. The same situation as Beauty and the Beast. Kristoff does fall in love with Anna- Anna for some reason can’t realize that she is falling in love with him. Somehow believing Hans is her True Love- just because he proposed to you doesn’t mean he loves you. When Anna returns to the castle, she learns Hans never loved her- he just wants to takes over Arendelle. Through the help of Olaf, Anna finally learns that she loves Kristoff.


This basically means someone in the love triangle is not really in love. So how are those actually “real love triangles”?

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