Favorite Greek Myths Review

As many know, my top favorite genres of books belong to classics and fantasy. However, there is another genre I love, which belongs to the world of Greek Mythology, which is similar to fantasy. Both of those genres deal with quests, magic, beasts/creatures, and magical beings (as in gods, goddesses, demigods, wizards, and witches). I actually have read a LOT of mythology lately, including Favorite Greek Myths.

Welcome to a strange and beautiful world, where the moon, the sun, and the wind are all gods; where a human form can easily change into a plant or an animal; where nature’s secrets are magically revealed through tales of wonder. Welcome to the world of Greek mythology.

Here are twelve favorite myths that are just as well-loved today as that are just as well-loved today as they were in ancient times. Meet the daring Phaeton, who charges across the skies in the sun god’s chariot; the greedy King Midas, who for gold nearly brings about his god; the vain Narcissus, who falls in love with his own reflection; and the loving mortals Baucis and Philemon, whose generosity raises them to the level of the gods.

Found within the book were myths I was familiar with, as in ones I learned about a long time ago. But MOST were ones I never knew about, so it was fun discovering those. I knew about the story of Helios and his son; the story of King Midas (but had no clue it was a Greek Myth), and the story of Narcissus and his own reflection. As in ones I learned about years ago. While the book used the Roman God names, I had no problem with that—–all because at the back, they showed who their Greek names were; plus I actually knew some of the counterparts—-like Jupiter (Zeus), Pluto (Hades), Venus (Aphrodite), Minerva (Athena); and sometimes could figure it out based on when it said what they were God of….

I specifically wanted to read this book because it had the original Hadestown myth in it. Otherwise known as “The Journey to the Underworld”. However, there are two myths connected to that musical——–even “The Kidnapping was related. Only because it was important to understand how Persephone became Queen of the Underworld and why she sometimes leaves the Underworld and returns. After all, in November I am seeing Hadestown and also been fascinated by the show since it swept the Tonys back in 2019.

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