The 25th Anniversary- Harry Potter Series

In life, there are several things that mean something to us. As bookworms, we have those standalone books or series that hold a lot of meaning. It is those stories that stay a part of us- they have stories and characters that we love. They usually are why we love certain genres, and why we continue to read them.

I learned earlier this week that one of my favorite book series turned 25- that is hard to believe. The Harry Potter series has truly been a huge part of several people’s lives. It has been largely successful. One of two series that made me a fantasy fan. Yes, when the 1st book came out, it was called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, but to Americans we know that book as “Sorcerer’s Stone”.

I originally fell in love with the series by the films- but the only way to get me to see the first film was to come as Superhero (I literally tied a blanket around my neck and became Super Meg). That was how my journey with Harry Potter began. I actually don’t remember when I first read the books (I had to borrow them from my sister). Growing up, I wanted to be in Gryffindor because of The Golden Trio. Eventually I owned my own set of books- I decided to reread the series starting in 2021 and finished the read in 2022.

So what house am I in? It is Hufflepuff, and if I wasn’t, it would be Ravenclaw.

The series that is truly magical, with amazing beasts and creatures, incredible characters, and an amazing world (AKA Hogwarts). It is filled with one of the most amazing friendships- Harry, Ron, and Hermione are known as The Golden Trio, and go through several trials especially when something goes wrong at Hogwarts.

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