Musicals I Love by Their Stage Show

Like I said yesterday, there are three ways to fall in love with a musical. 1) by the film, 2) by the stage show, or 3) by the soundtrack. The two easiest ways are by the film and stage show. That is because the songs are in context—meaning you are able to tell which characters or character sing what song and due to seeing the song performed, it is much easier to figure out the actual emotion. So, what are some musicals I fell in love with by their stage show?

The Shows

  1. Wicked
  2. Pippin- fun fact (almost didn’t enter my life- my mom and I got the last two tickets)
  3. Godspell
  4. Newsies- the stage show is SO much better than the 1992 movie
  5. Music Man
  6. Come From Away


True, for a few of those musicals I did know some songs from them ahead of time. But wouldn’t lead to my love for that show. What if you only know one song (that was what happened with Pippin- I only knew “Corner of the Sky”)? What if you needed more context to even fall in love with the songs? Sometimes, all you need is seeing the stage show to fall in love with the stage.

Later this year, I probably might add two more musicals to this list:

  1. Anastasia- already love 5 songs (but would have to discover more songs first)
  2. Hadestown- love Greek Mythology and been fascinated by it since it swept the Tonys

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