Proud to be American

Today is the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day in America. No matter what, I will ALWAYS be proud to be an American. Just because bad things happen doesn’t mean you should stop loving the Country. I strongly believe that MOST people are good- I don’t base my opinion on what I see on the News. In Life, there has to be good and bad things happening, and also the World isn’t as broken as we think. I also base things off of what I see everyday- as in what I see around me- as in off the News. So, what do I love about America?

Good American Things

  1. Mountains and Greenways- I love to hike
  2. Beaches- yes, not a beach person, but still variety in nature
  3. Ways to Volunteer
  4. Bitty and Beau’s Coffee- one of the BEST coffee shops (it’s my job)
  5. Broadway and Broadway Tours and Community College Productions
  6. Even the access to movie theaters
  7. Bookshops- both independent and chains (love both Barnes and Noble and places like Malaprops and Park Road Books)
  8. Difference between States and Cities
  9. Good Education
  10. Diversity of the Country

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