The Musicals I Love that Take Place Outside of the US

Like I said, musicals take place in various places- ranging from BOTH fictional and real places. The other day, I only mentioned the musicals I love that took place in the US—–that sure limited things. So, what are those non-US musicals I love- even fictional places where we know the country they take place?

The Musicals

  1. Frozen- Arendelle (Norway)
  2. Aladdin- Agrabah (Middle East)
  3. Lion King
  4. Beauty and the Beast- Fictional Town in France
  5. Les Mis
  6. Phantom of the Opera
  7. Man of La Mancha
  8. Oliver
  9. Fiddler on the Roof
  10. Sound of Music
  11. Mamma Mia


Hard to believe how many places musicals take place in. It seems like Europe is a pretty popular continent. Of all the places I have mentioned, some might have noticed ONE was totally left off. That is because it was the world of OZ- only because it is a world of its own (doesn’t even fit on the map)——-the other fictional places have an actual country (like Arendelle, which is in Norway).

4 thoughts on “The Musicals I Love that Take Place Outside of the US

  1. So many good ones on your list!! Phantom and Les Mis are both in my top 10. I feel like there quite a few musicals set in Paris. The only one I’d add is Anastasia. Such a fun Russian vibe. I’ve heard there is a Count of Monte Cristo musical. Which I’d love to see or watch as it’s one of my favorite books.


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