The Holocaust- Positive and Negative Stories

When it comes to literature, a difficult genre to love truly belongs to heartbreaking stories. Especially ones that we wouldn’t call tragedies- wait, there are some that don’t fit here? Well, I have unfortunately dealt with this before. What do you call a heartbreaking story without “catharsis”? Look at stories dealing with The Holocaust in some shape or form. Let me bring up two examples.


This is a play, but the kind of play I would rather NOT watch. I have actually have seen it due to being required for class. It actually took place during The Holocaust. An example of a heartbreaking show that was too traumatizing and too disturbing. It went too much into the horrors of that time period. Showing pictures from the camps, ushers dressed as Nazis. A little too much for my taste. Too uncomfortable for my taste. By intermission, I wanted to leave, but had no choice.

Bookshop of the Broken-Hearted

I recently finished this novel, and much better. It actually focused on two time periods- the 1940s and 1960s. But when it did focus on The Holocaust, at least it didn’t go too much into the horrors of The Holocaust. Yes, you saw some of it, but not too into it. The main time period the book focused on was the 1960s while occasionally switching back to the 1940s. So at least, it wasn’t making me too uncomfortable.

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