All Families of Fiction- Literature and Musical Theatre

Found in the world of fiction, one of the most common emotions is LOVE, which is a misunderstood emotion. It is noticed as romance, however what of the other kinds of love- friendship, family, the country, God, etc…… The strongest form actually belongs to your love of the story- that is what makes you keep going, and what makes the stories stay alive. Today, I will focus on only the families- BOTH unloving and loving.

The Unloving

Sarge’s Family

I had to start with one of my characters- a result of the author’s relationship with their characters. Their characters actually feel like their children, in several ways. After all, we caused what happened to them- both in backstory, who they became, and their fate. It might hurt at times, but sometimes there is no choice. Sarge is my antagonist of “Tale of The Cattail Forest”. Born into an unloving and abusive family. At age four, his mother left him leaving him alone with his abusive father (but on the flip side, he had a loving uncle, who is Marge’s father).

From age 4- 13, he was both verbally and physically abused——-that is why he became a bully in my book. He became confused, conflicted, with an anger problem and oblivious to compassion, love, and kindness. All he really needed was the right kind of affection. Despite his unloving father, little does he know that his uncle and younger cousin do love him. His easiest target actually was Marge due to envy, as she had to a loving father. Sarge found one place of comfort growing up—-a place called “The Bog” where his father couldn’t find him.

The Malfoy Family

How come they haven’t come to mind sooner? I grow up on Harry Potter, and kept on forgetting that Draco was born into the wrong family. Mostly due to his father, who was a death eater—–the 2nd most evil of all of them. His father treated him way worse than his mother. Explaining why he was one of Harry’s enemies in school

Morrigan Crow

This was one of the most RECENT literature characters who was born in the wrong family. Only because she was born on the wrong day. If you were born on Eventide, it is said you are cursed. As in believed to cause a number of bad things happened. Good thing she was noticed by Jupiter North, her patron, who took her to Nevermoor, and she found a proper family there

The Thenardier Family

Of ALL the unloving families, they come to mind pretty quickly as they are from Les Misérables- both a masterpiece book and a sensational musical. They actually are the parents of Eponine and Gavroche, two of my favorite characters from the story. The parents are both abusive and pickpockets. As a matter of fact, The Thenardiers had five children (Eponine, Azelma, Gavroche, and the unnamed younger brothers- you would only that if you read the book)

Eponine actually had a better childhood than her teenage years. She appeared to be loved as child, but turned out not to true. You got an idea of the environment she was going to living in after seeing the way her parents were treating Young Cosette and when you saw the way they running their inn. From “Castle on the Cloud” and “Master of the House”

Eponine was literally raised to be a thief and criminal and was abused. The family even ended up living in extreme poverty. No one showed her kindness growing up. Good thing, a student revolutionary eventually did- that boy was Marius, who she fell in love with. Yes, it was unrequited, but her love for him was her greatest strength (as shown through “On My Own”). She would do anything for him no matter the cost, even if it means giving up her life—-“A Little Fall of Rain” is so touching and moving”

Gavroche, on the other hands, was kicked out at an early age and learned to live on the streets. One of my favorite scenes from the book was when he unknowingly took in his two little brothers. He also became like the mascot of the rebellion, and loved the way the students took him in. The Thenardiers didn’t care that BOTH Gavroche and Eponine were killed during the uprising. I think my love for Eponine might have come from my love for Elphaba.

Elphaba’s Family

Why do you think I ended on her? It is a known fact that of ALL musical theatre characters, my favorite is Elphaba. As a matter of fact, she and Eponine are kinda of similar- both have big-hearts, and are brave, strong, and complex. Plus, they are the eldest in the family, taken advantage of (in Elphaba’s case, the Wizard), go through unrequited love (will something change for one of them?), and were born in the wrong family

Elphaba was only born in the wrong family just because she was different. Only because she was born green. She was treated like an outcast in her own home. Nothing good happened in her life until Shiz. She actually met Glinda at Shiz University, who actually turned out to be the only friend in her life. Glinda was one of the few who saw who for she is- Fiyero was the other one. Wicked focuses on the powerful and strong bond between Elphaba and Glinda. Yes, they BOTH fall in love with Fiyero—-that love triangle actually strengthens their friendship—-a moment to test their loyalty. How fall will they go to keep their friendship alive- will they let a boy get in the way?

“For Good” is actually the most emotional song in the entire musical- yes, even more emotional than the heartbreaking “I’m Not That Girl”. That is because the FRIENDSHIP in Wicked is more important than the romance in the musical.

The Loving

Aurora and Jasmine

Yes, they are two sisters, but still considered family. The main characters of Greatest Discovery, one of my hardest WIPS to develop. They are fraternal twins, who became orphans after their parents died in a car crash on a snowy day. These girls were born to an Artsy and Disney-Loving Family, which helps explain their names. While their parents were alive, they helped make dolls with their parents a lot- that could mean designing the clothes or even sewing. Due to their names, both girls got a doll that resembled the princess they were named after- Aurora named her doll, Mali, and the doll’s dress was designed in a way to switch from pink to blue

Jasmine is the more protective and mature twin. After her parents died, she became more fiercely protective of Aurora. She is actually a lot more into designing costumes and even making them. She actually dreams of designing and making clothes for Broadway.

Aurora is the more innocent, curious, and stubborn twin. Mali really means a lot her, as it was the final doll her mother made before their parents’ death. Aurora is much more into the dolls and a lot more into dolls and princesses. She even struggles with the loss a lot more, so she really needed Jasmine in her life—–I mean, all they have left is each other. Despite the friendship they developed with the other four orphans- Rosie, Emily, Paige, and Mollie

The Weasleys

They have to be one of the BEST literature families that exist. True, they have 7 biological children, but they literally took Harry in. Harry Potter had to grow up with a family with treated him terribly, only because his biological parents were murdered. One of the Weasley sons is one of his two best friends- Ron actually became his first friend- Harry literally spends Christmas with the Weasleys

Belle and Maurice

They are one my favorite families in Disney. While the town they live in consider them both odd, at least they don’t see each other that way. The song, “No Matter What”, is a great way to illustrate their relationship. They both would protect each other from harm- if you think about the scene in the castle when Belle took her father’s place

Mufasa and Simba

At the beginning of Lion King, we are fully aware that Simba is the prince of Pride Rock. He was born to King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. But the family relationship that is illustrated the strongest is one between Mufasa and Simba- we see Mufasa teaching Simba important life lessons and how to be King. This relationship is short-lived due to Scar killing Mufasa- a result of strong envy

Fantine and Cosette

Fantine is one of the BEST moms found in fiction- despite all the horrors she wants through (her story is the hardest to watch in Les Mis). At first, Fantine was truly happy and had a better life. That is until her lover left her- along with her Young daughter, Cosette. Desperate, she had no choice but to leave Cosette in the hands of the abusive Thenardiers (she thought they were good people, but far from the truth). She soon got a job in Valjean’s factory, but after the foreman found out about Cosette, got fired (unknowingly to Valjean)

She would anything for Cosette- she had hopes her daughter would have a better life than she had. In order to get money, she had to sell her hair, locket, and eventually had to become a prostitute just to provide for Cosette. Harassed by a customer, she attacked him in self-defense- at this point, she was deathly ill (however Javert wanted to send her to prison). But luckily, Valjean intervened and took her to hospital—-through an incredible act of compassion, on her deathbed, he promised that he would raise Cosette giving Fantine peace and comfort for once.

Valjean and Cosette

Adopted parents can count- they are still family. This is actually of the BEST parts about Les Mis. The moment Valjean rescues Cosette from the unloving and abusive moment, but still a bittersweet moment. That is only because while Cosette is given a better life, Eponine’s is about to get worse as she is stuck with the Thenardiers the rest of her life.

Valjean’s relationship with Cosette is so special. I love the addition of “Suddenly” in Les Mis- it really shows how important Cosette is to Valjean. In the most unexpected of ways, Valjean had to become a father, a result of promising to Fantine that he will raise her daughter. He ended up loving Cosette unconditionally- they both were broken and helped heal each other. Valjean actually cared more about Cosette’s happiness- that explains why he went to the barricades to protect Marius


If I was to include ALL families from fiction, that would take a while. At least, I gave you a general idea.

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