A Common Setting For Books I Love

It is already a known fact that I am BOTH a musical theatre fanatic and a bookworm. Some of my favorite musicals are actually based off incredible books. My favorite books have taken place in a number of settings- from fictional to real- due to my love for fantasy and classics . So, what is a common setting, and what are some of my favorite books from there?


  1. Man Who Invented Christmas
  2. A Christmas Carol
  3. Nicholas Nickleby
  4. Oliver Twist
  5. David Copperfield
  6. Great Expectations
  7. Bleak House
  8. Hard Times
  9. Tale of Two Cities- England/France
  10. Mayor of Casterbridge
  11. Shades of Magic Series
  12. Last Bookshop in London
  13. House on Vesper Sands


In many ways, it isn’t surprising England is common country for books. After all, one of my favorite authors is Charles Dickens

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