The Family Relationships I Created

One of the BEST things about writing books is creating the characters. The relationship between author and character is special- in many ways, the characters almost feel like they are our children. After all, we are the ones who CHOOSE what happened to them- as in where they where born, what kind of character they are, what they make of their life, their fate, their relationships to other characters, etc…………So, what are the family relationships I created?

Tale of the Cattail Forest

Sarge and Marge

I feel like they have the most complex family relationship in this story. They actually are cousins- that is because their fathers are brothers. To back things up, their fathers were born into a loving family, and were actually close——-as a matter of fact, it seemed like BOTH brothers would become good and loving fathers, but wouldn’t be true (that would only happen to one of them)

Sarge’s father turned out to unloving and abusive, which was something Marge’s father didn’t understand. He didn’t know why his nephew was being abused- he didn’t know what happened to his brother. As a matter of fact, Marge’s father wanted to help Sarge, but couldn’t due to having to protect his daughter (all he could do was prevent Marge from seeing her Uncle). The abuse Sarge’s father did truly began after Sarge’s mother left——–from age 4-13, Sarge was abused both verbally and emotionally- leading to physical and emotional scars. His only source of comfort was in “The Bog”, the one place his father couldn’t find him. At just age 13, Sarge was expected to lead the Toads, but that was too young. Leaving Sarge conflicted, confused, lonely (but more than he knew); oblivious to compassion, kindness, and love, and with an anger problem. Sarge’s past led him to become a bully due to not knowing how to control his anger- Marge became his easiest target because of envy. In many ways, Sarge reminds me of Scrooge

On Marge’s end, she had a loving father. Sarge has no clue that BOTH Marge and her father do love him. Despite the pain Sarge was causing Marge, that would soon lead her to stand up to her cousin (despite being 5 yrs younger). It even made her more aware of the bleak situation going on in Graysloup. But the problem is, due to being related to Sarge, she was misunderstood because others thought she was just like him. All she wanted was to be shown compassion and to have a friend—–that is why it was important for Sparkle to enter her life. Her father actually knew who would be able to help out Graysloup- he knew it had to be the Fairy Frogs

Aries and Darcy

I also love this relationship- they are Uncle and Nephew. Aries is actually the leader of the Fairy Frogs——a confident and amazing one. He is an incredible uncle. He actually choose Darcy to be next in leader of the Fairy Frogs. Aries does doubt himself at times, and that is when you can see Darcy lead at times. Aries does his best to protect everyone- that is why he doesn’t want the Fairy Frogs to go into Graysloup or spend time with the toads, due to knowing how Sarge treats people. However, Sparkle (my main character) does break rules a number of times- she has gotten in trouble a lot in the past- and that is who Aries is worried about the most

Effa and Rudy

Yes, they are minor characters but still siblings. Identical twin girls, and toads. They do serve a purpose in the book——Sarge will do everything to prevent a friendship from forming, but Effa and Rudy play a part in not allowing that to happen (can’t say how or spoilers)

Greatest Discovery

Aurora and JasmineThe Main Characters

They are probably my favorite sibling relationship I created so far. They are fraternal twin girls born in 1998 in NYC. Both have light blue eyes with hazel hair (one has curly and the other has straight). Born to Artsy and Disney-loving parents. They have a pretty close relationship- Jasmine is the more mature and the protective one and Aurora is the more innocent and curious one. One favorite pastime to do with their parents is design and make outfits for dolls——-Jasmine is more into doing in while Aurora would rather play with dolls and princesses. As matter of fact, Jasmine dreams of being a costume designer on Broadway

However, soon something tragic happened- their parents died in a car crash on a snowy day. This made Jasmine made more fiercely protective, except Aurora struggles more with the loss. Mali does help her at times- the final doll her mother made- it is designed to resemble the princess Aurora is named after

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