My Favorite “Found” Families

There are several ways we see families in the world of fiction- as in literature, opera, and musical theatre. One amazing way they are created is by “found family”—–those are usually created by a group of friends or outside of the typical immediate and adopted families. Some of them do overlap- for example a literature/musical overlap. So, what are some of my favorite “found families” in fiction?

The Newsies

They are based of the Newsboys of 1899——the actual Newsboy strike did happen. This is one of my favorite Disney musicals. They are lead by Jack Kelly, a dreamer, who cares more about his brothers than the strike. Jack Kelly is best friends with Crutchie. The Newsies have a strong brotherly bond that feel like family, and have high hopes for the strike. They actually remind me of another “found family”. The strike started after Pulitzer raised the price of their papers, which would make their job harder

Friends of the ABC

In so many ways, they are like the Newsies. They also have a strong brotherly bond and have a cause they strongly believe in. They also have a leader, who is Enjolras, who is more passionate about the strike. As a matter of fact, there is a child in both groups- they actually take in Gavroche, who is Eponine’s brother and a street urchin (you would only know that if you read the book). The biggest difference has to do with the result- the students stay passionate no matter what. I actually love it when you see their vulnerability during “Drink With Me” (it is more heartbreaking than you think—-you would have to see the musical once to know that—–after you know what happens in the end)

The Rent Family

In many ways, this is an unique “found family”. That is because of the kind of characters they consist of. Rent takes place during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, as during the time where if you got it it is basically a death sentence—-four members of this group have the illness, who are Roger, Mimi, Collins, and Angel. Plus, part of the group are in the LGBT community, and you have two homosexual couples——Maureen and Joanee & Colinns and Angel. In addition, Mimi is a drug addict—–Roger and Mimi do create the main couple

The La Bohème Family

This is the opera Rent is based of off, so of course there is a “found family” in this show. Rodolfo, Mimi, Colline, Marcello, Schunard, and Musetta create this group of friends. Rodolof and Mimi create the tragic couple- they are the main couple after all, and La Bohème is my favorite opera. There is just something special about Puccini, and I don’t know what.

Morrigan Crow- The Hotel Decualion

This is actually the newest “found family” I came across. I first started reading the Nevermoor series last year. She was born into the wrong family only due to being born on the wrong day. Thank God, she got noticed by Jupiter North, her patron for the Wundrous Society. She found a family at the Hotel Decualion- through Fenestra, Frank, the other staff who work there——-but the only way she could stay in Nevermoor was to be accepted into the Wundrous Society

While going through ALL her trails, she found another member to add to her “found family”. Her best friend, Hawthrone. It wasn’t until the 2nd book that she found even more members to add- Unit 919, but it was only Hawthrone and Cadence who accepted her, however the entire Unit is supposed to be part of her family– I am hoping they will eventually warm up. Her knack has a bad rep- seen as evil, but it can still be good. It the 1st book, I kept on disliking Cadence, but soon found to like her—-as in the 2nd book when Morrigan and her became friends

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